Recruitment Process

Hiring the right people is critical. APS believe that the most effective method of candidate selection is to spend sufficient time assessing candidate suitability not only from a skills based perspective but also from a cultural, behavioural and character perspective. We understand there is a distinct difference when recruiting for individual and team based positions and as such APS work with clients to develop specific recruitment methodologies which will address both individual and team based interaction and performance.

We understand the need to ensure that all candidates are assessed fairly and are provided equal opportunities throughout the recruitment and selection process and as such APS would look to adopt a consistent process for all individual recruitment assignments based on behavioural qualities and skills merit.

The principles that govern our recruitment practices are based on a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ workplace culture and requirements. Our clear objective is to recruit the most effective candidates in the market, to ensure the requirements of our clients are completely satisfied.

The APS Recruitment process includes the following steps:

  • 1. Obtain Job Brief
  • 2. Candidate Search
  • 3. Review & Pre-Screen
  • 4. Reference Check
  • 5. Registration
  • 6. Assessment
  • 7. Interview
  • 8. Validation & Review